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    The lovely nose eyeglass stand is a unique and practical accessory that combines the functionality of a phone dock and an eyeglass holder. Made of ceramic material, this stand is designed to resemble a cute and charming nose, which adds a playful touch to any desk or table.
    Approximately 5" tall by 5'' wide

    The stand provides a safe and secure spot to store your glasses when you're not wearing them, preventing them from getting lost or misplaced. With its raised nose design, the stand holds your glasses in place while also providing easy access when you need to grab them.

    In addition to the eyeglass holder, this stand also serves as a phone dock, providing a stable and sturdy base to prop up your phone while you work or watch videos. The stand is compatible with most phones, including the iPhone, making it a great option for anyone who needs a convenient place to store their phone and glasses.

    Overall, this lovely nose eyeglass stand is a great gift for anyone who wears glasses and uses a phone regularly. It's functional, stylish, and adds a touch of whimsy to any desk.

    Handcrafted Cell phone stand is made out of Stoneware Clay. Once the clay is dry it is fired in my kiln to give it strength and durability.

    Please keep in mind that each Piece is hand made and painted, therefore there will be slight differences with each purchase - which is what makes them unique!
    I strive to create pieces that are representative of the images above, please understand that each piece is handmade and will contain small variations in form, size, and color.

    By supporting a small business and an artist who takes pride in creating high-quality pieces, you can enjoy a unique piece of Art.

    Feel free to visit my shop to see my most recent listings.

    I have been working with clay and metal for over 25 years. You will receive a quality art piece.
    I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them.

    For gifts being sent directly to a Family member or Friend, please double check to ensure that the shipping address is correct.
    Cellphone and glasses are not included.

    You will receive an email when your package is shipped. Please track your purchase so you know when it is being delivered.
    I ship via United States Postal Service. All shipments under 1 pound are shipped First Class Mail.
    All shipments over 1 pound is shipped priority mail.

    Care & Use
    To extend the life of your purchase apply a clear gloss protective coating at the start of each season, before exposing the product to outdoor elements. I recommend using Rust-Oleum UV-Resistant Acrylic Coating, which can be found at your local home improvement stores.
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    Very unique and a definite conversation piece!

    fast and easy transaction! A++++